Awesome ! I’m excited to meet you ! My vision of OliverLifepreneur is to create the new Me :
Happy, fit, healthy, successful, free. I want to share my way to get there . Let’s start this journey together . Let’s transform our lives into something extraordinary.


Lifepreneur with all my heart.
I’m addicted to create a new life through happiness and motivation . I love fitness, healthy living and traveling .. and I really believe we can make a change in today’s world.


The Lifepreneur

Be a fit, successful and happy person . Create income independent from where you are . Use today’s free information and technology to create a new way of life . Create a society people help and motivate each other .


I Know What It Feels Like

It seems to be very hard to change your life – it’s not, it only takes time – it was never easier than today ! The hardest battle is fought against your inner self . People will try to hold you back . They’re afraid of people making their dreams come true .

What we fear most is that anything is possible in our lifes !

Become A Lifepreneur Now !

You have been waiting for this one moment that will come and that will change everything? Well .. this is it! Your new life starts now .. guess where you’ll be in 1 year from now on .. it’s only up to you!

Jumping off a cliff to change my life .. WTF?? 8:45

Let’s jump together off that cliff and let’s create our lives – again. Let’s be one of the crazy ones! That’s my goal for you with this channel.

Kill 4 things standing in your way 7:40

Stop doing these 4 things standing in your way:
= Watching the news.
= Consuming other people’s life.
= Wasting your time.
= Having bad people in your life.

Creating your own income is different from your own business 4:53

.. and it’s not even similar.

Own #income = freedom
Own #business / company / career = caught

Positive music vibes to realise your dreams 4:40

Why do we listen to songs about making dreams come true .. but don’t make them real ?

We have to realise we’re all the same and everyone of us has the potential to realise his own dreams.

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Here’s to the crazy ones ..

.. because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do !


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