I‘m thinking a lot about my future life and where I want to live in the future .

My overall goal since many years was not to live just in one country, I wanted to live 4 month in munich, 4 month somewhere in the north or south of europe and travel for 4 months .. some years ago this seemed almost impossible, because i had a job and technology and infrastructure for living like that didn‘t exist .

So to get as near as possible to my dream I started my own business .. I thought that I‘ll be free, because I‘m the boss, I‘m the one who takes decisions, I‘m selling the product I want, etc.
I was wrong . From day one everything changed from „I love with my heart what I‘m doing“ to „What, burocratoc paperstuff again ? But I need time for my product and my visions etc.“ .. but there was no time . There where often almost time at night .. and there where no time left for social life, sports, or anything else .

It almost destroyed me . So after about five years I quit . It took me two years and working in a very different area of business to become energised again . After like 1,5 years the feeling was there again .. I wanted to start something .. I thought a hundred times about if I really want to do that .. I was kind of sure but in the end I came to the conclusion that I want to start again but that I have to start in a different surrounding like te system here in Germany . Because everything would be the same again .. those very complicated tax and burocratic stuff, many unfair and very complicated things for when you‘re starting a business in Germany . And always the feeling you don‘t really know what will happen next because of so many special rules in the tax system for example, for me it made it almost impossible to prepare and make plans for my business and it even took more than two years to quit my company .. and it still isn‘t completely down even right now after two years afterwards because „they“ came to the conclusion that they want to check my company after a years it even doesn‘t exist anymore for the time of three years back from now .

I don‘t know – sure this is my opinion, no advice and so one – I always felt like they want stop everyone who wants to start something .
Maybe it‘s built for secureness ( I don’t think there is no safety today in business and life ) but it‘s very difficult and complicated for people who think different and want to start something .
I was sure I CAN‘T again work in a regular job but I CAN‘T start a business again in Germany .. but I HAVE TO START SOMETHING . So I started to think about to do it somewhere else .. and I read a lot about that .. AND it‘s totally crazy what the posibilities are when have a look at other countries .

When you‘re an entrepreneur you have to take the decisions which will make your business idea successful right ?
I‘ll take more about in my blog I‘m going to start .. the space for such a long text doesn‘t fit to Instagram ha ha 😅

Be a fit, happy, healthy, successful Lifepreneur .

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