How I got scamed, how to avoid! Starting a business. Don’t trust anyone!

Please read !! BIG LEARNING from yesterday .. a big learning for me and I‘m sure for you !

I told my friends already and the couldn‘t believe it !!⠀
Story goes like this – just 5mins.

.. I watched Youtube because I was researching for my business idea . Before the next video an ad was shown . Looked interesting . Was about a free live webseminar . Clicked on it . I came to a website where I had to give my email for joining . Did so . Cool thing because the seminar did start a couple of minutes later .⠀
I started watching .. seemed pretty interesting and I had one-two new learning from platforms mentioned I didn‘t know about .⠀
But I came to the conclusion it was just for selling an online marketing product at the end . Sure I did know THAT was coming ! BUT two things:⠀

1. there were young folks on the webinar who where like „oh my good I want to start something I will buy it for my saved money“ .. and I was like „ok this is to much“, I wrote in the chat „guys please do research on the net for infos first before buying something here!!“ .. NO ONE RESPONDING .. and then I got it ..⠀

.. you know you can do rightcklick in your browser to see the code, I searched for the frame of the video, guess what, hosted on vimeo . So it wasn‘t live, now I wrote couple of more things in the chat, chat was fake, I did some more research and came to kind of a hidden product page – there were about 15 of those products, everyone linked to a landing like I was on .⠀


I know – IDIOT – right ?!
Guess you‘re right – but I‘m kind of an online-marketing-expert, I did many things in the past about marketing, I studied advertising and stuff .. so I should have gotten it right at the start ?! I did not !
WHEN you do have a problem – like a big one or a big challenge , like startikg a business , getting a girlfriend , being broke , our brains are totally vulnerable !!
You want a solution and you‘re kind of I WANT TO GET IT SOMEWHERE TO WORK WHATEVER IT TAKES and there comes along that solution , our instincts to save us are like „naaa whatever“ . And those businesses are build exactly on that .
The ad comes because they know from your data what you looked for and can guess what your need is , and then it starts .. building trust , talking to you like an individual , argumenting being on your side , telling you everything else doesn‘t work , telling that everyone tells that but THIS is real , showing prove , showing why it works , showing others like you agree , telling you it‘s expensive , telling you‘ll get it much cheaper , telling you it‘s only avaiable right now for 12 hours , bla bla bla ..




Be a fit, happy, healthy, successful Lifepreneur .⠀
Karma . Goals: 90kg, remote business .

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