Why you should be lazy! Don’t hustle. Be lazy!

That headline .. it’s not exactly like that .. it was only for “-.- WTF does he want??” ha ha .

Question: Why are we here ?

Some say it‘s about hustling every day , building big things like a company , getting up esrly every day and „work“ , change the world ..
.. in one thing I agree , getting up early , the early hours are the best , it‘s like you‘re already ahead of the flow .

BUT I think it‘s happiness ! It‘s not lazyness but it‘s not hustling all the time .. it‘s often that especially very young people who have a goal like become successful in career are working like crazy every day . Trust me you don‘t have to and trust me you will come to a point where you‘re like „where‘s all my energy gone“ , you have to reload from time to time .
I was like that as well . I slept under my desk many times when I started my first business – no I‘m not kidding . Nowadays I‘m trying to do it smarter .. maybe with like 60% of the speed .
Some people are very annoyed because of that „so why aren‘t you not working from 9-5, even 9-5 for most people is like you‘re lazy, you have to work from 8-8 ha ha to be seen as ambitious .

Nope . 3-4 days a week 7-5 . I don‘t care .

Why ? Why not ? You don‘t need effectively 8 hours per day to get everything done . Everyone working in an office knows it takes as long you have time to get your tasks done . If you only have 6 hours it‘ll work as well .
There‘s so mach technology for supporting hour tasks .. so why shouldn‘t I work 6 hours and use those tools as much as possible .
More freedom is more creativity , after work I get the best ideas , not in that work environment . It annoys people because they‘re jealous . Because they are in the system and can‘t imagine to get out .
AND NO the more you work the more money you earn – that‘s something only unorganised and unsmart people tell you . Elon Musk has 3 companies , you think he works 180 hours ? 60 for every company . That won‘t work .. sure sometimes sleeping „under the desk“ when big challenges are there maybe is ok .. but are you getting the point ?
Some years from now we‘ll have a basic income, if you work or not .

What‘s then ? Everyone is an idiot because he doesn‘t work 60 hours a week ?
WHY is everyone telling you have to hustle every day as hard as possible ?
There‘s no rational reason for that . Look when we were in the stone ages we had to hunt every day , when we were in the middle ages we had no heating , technology – the dark ages , now we have automised algorythms and all that stuff and we‘re working longer and longer .. makes no sence .
Steve Bezos isn‘t working 500 hours a week because he has 150 billion $ .

.. and you‘re taking the right decisions when you‘re not under big pressure .
Do it would be the same like dou‘re working 100% and you pay someone 50% of your income and you have 50% more time .

Right ?

Ok if you want the money fine – but 50% more time ? What‘s more important ? Time or money ? TIME !!
.. and let‘s say you take 10% of that saved 50% and like maybe do charity and 10% to work on an idea to save 75% of your time .
How awesome would that be . If you make money with a business idea, you‘ll find a way to scale up you‘re income if you only work 50% and have 50% more time and at first lose 50% income . And after a while you would be at 75% income for 50% worktime and so one ..

.. so in the end you would MORE time AND MORE money .

.. you‘re lying . No one ever could tell me why should this be wrong !
Only like „yeah but no one is doing it like that“ . „Aaaaaaaand ?“ No one every put a food on Mars as well .. so why are people try to get there ? Hmm yeah it‘s really boring when you‘re a billionare .. let‘s fly to Mars ha ha .

I‘m 100% sure – and I‘m working on that – that the goal is to spend as less time on work as possible !
Working time is not the most important thing – whether it‘s for how many to dos you get done or the lost time in life !
AND if you work less there are more employees needed .

So yes if you love working on that Mars Mission thing and dou want to work 14h a day on that .. even then you need free time as well !
We‘re no machines ! We‘re Lifepreneurs ! ✌🏼


Be a fit, happy, healthy, successful Lifepreneur .⠀
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